Zac Efron & John Cena In Talks For New R-Rated Comedy from Peter Farrelly

Zac Efron and John Cena could be starring in a new movie together!

Peter Farrelly revealed in a new interview that he’s getting ready to film his upcoming R-rated comedy Ricky Stanicky and the two actors are in talks.

For those who don’t know, Peter has directed such movies as Dumb and Dumber, There’s Something About Mary, Shallow Hal, Fever Pitch, and most recently, the drama Green Book, for which he won two Oscars.

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“I’m shooting it in January, and we’re in negotiations with John Cena and Zac Efron,” Farrelly told Deadline. “They’re not locked in. I want to make that clear. Ricky Stanicky, I think, is just a hilarious movie, and it’s a great message, not just a bunch of hard-R laughs. There’s Something About Mary ultimately is about true love. There were many times when Ted, the Ben Stiller character, would have just backed off, except he was in love. He gets these bogus reports that Mary has got all sorts of issues; she’s got too many kids by too many guys; she’s on welfare. He still wants to find her because he loves her, and that’s the ultimate message. The message of Ricky Stanicky is somewhat different, but I think it will resonate.”

Deadline reports that “Stanicky is a fictional character used by a group of married friends to blame their misbehavior on when making excuses to their wives.”

Peter said, “What happens is the wives finally say, ‘Hey, wait a second — how come we never met Stanicky? He wasn’t at our wedding.’ Well, he was building houses in Africa. Well, he wasn’t at this or that. Bring him here, or don’t come home. So they hire a guy to come in for a day. They create a bible for the guy, and they pay him a thousand bucks to come and be Ricky Stanicky. He pulls it off with flying colors to the point where everybody loves him. And then the guys can’t get rid of him. Cena is Ricky Stanicky, and if you’ve seen him in Peacemaker, you see what he can do in a comedy. He’s hysterical in a show that really pushes it. I never knew much about John Cena until I saw that, and I was like, ‘There’s Stanicky right there.’”

Zac and Peter recently worked together on the movie The Greatest Beer Run Ever, which is premiering at TIFF.

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