Who is he? Episode 1 is dedicated to him

The popular BBC comedy Ghosts returns with the first episode of series four this Friday, but who is Kevin Corbishley?

The Friday night episode was dedicated to Kevin Corbishley with a tribute.

Here’s what we know about the Kevin Corbishley tribute at the end of Ghosts

The cast of Ghosts all stand in character in the button house, they look sad
Ghosts returned with series four this Friday… (Credit: BBC)

Ghosts on BBC One: Who is Kevin Corbishley?

Kevin Corbishley worked on Ghosts as a rigger and in the camera department of the BBC One show.

A dedication at the end of the first episode read: “In loving memory of our friend Kevin Corbishley.”

Kevin also worked on the BBC drama Call The Midwife, and the show also dedicated an episode to him last year.

It read: “In memory of Kevin Corbishley 1965 – 2022.”

The official Call The Midwife Twitter account shared that he was a “dearly beloved member of our crew who died very recently”.

He also worked on the 2012 film Anna Karenina in the art department.

Kevin Corbishley’s cause of death is unknown.

It’s clear that he will be well-missed from the sets of Call the Midwife and Ghosts.

Katy Wix as Mary in Ghosts, she stands outside smiling with her out, Bridget Christie as Annie stands behind her
Mary has a new storyline this series… (Credit: BBC)

Kevin Corbishley tribute: What is Ghosts series 4 about?

Series 4 of Ghosts follows Alison and Mike as they finally open their B&B in the Button mansion.

Determined to get the best reviews, Alison and Mike are trying their best to impress the guests, all while managing the ghosts that haunt the mansion and all their conflicting personalities.

BBC One promises that something big will happen this series, saying: “The Ghosts face a startling event that that will change their lives/deaths forever.

“A stroke of terrible bad luck threatens the future of Button House.”

Could a new ghost be joining the gang? Or will the ghosts finally figure out what that big bright light is that keeps taking their fellow ghosts away…

We can’t wait to find out!

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Ghosts teases a new cast member

Katy Wix, who plays Mary, also teases a newcomer for series 4, so watch this space!

The actress says: “Mary gets a new friend, which is lovely.

“They have a really lovely relationship.

“You get a bit more of her inner thoughts when she’s away from the group and maybe a sense that if there’s a slight injustice, she takes it quite personally.”

Charlotte Richie, who plays Alison, shares that she hopes audiences will take this away from series four: “It shows that the ability to see the humour in things is essential.

“It manages to pepper a very silly comedy with pathos.

“Of course, there’s nothing funny about death or the reality of our very short lifespans.

“But what’s wonderful about Ghosts is that there’s so much humour in it.

“Anything that can encourage people to lean into that is a good thing.

“Because humour is the quality that helps get everybody through all this terrible stuff we have to endure.”

Of course, Here We Go cast member Jim Howick also returns as Pat.

Ghosts series four continues on Friday September 30 2022 at 8:30pm. All episodes are also available on BBC iPlayer.

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