Knock at The Cabin Review

Knock at the Cabin reviewed by Matt Donato

Knock at the Cabin fails to knock the classic cabin in the woods horror methods out of the park. M. Night Shyamalan abides by unfittingly formulaic standards and produces a tonal flatliner despite an arsenal of emotionally targeted beatdowns and prophecy-spouting lambs led to slaughter in the name of blind faith. There’s nothing uniquely surprising or exceptionally rousing, which is a shame given the unfathomably dreadful predicament and an interesting turn of a performance from Dave Bautista. It’s a film without sensation that feels like it’s pulling its punches across the board – development is stunted, ideas lack passion, and the camera avoids visible violence – before the ending strolls off into the sunset with barely any goodbye. Thematic messages tethered to Old Testament interpretations are lost when the story wraps due to increasingly stale predictability, as Knock at the Cabin exposes a Shyamalan script with surprisingly little to say.

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