The Wire gives platform to Islamist who claims Leicester violence was provoked by RSS

Ever since Islamists launched an attack on Hindus in Leicester in UK just because some Indians had celebrated India’s win over Pakistan in a cricket match in Asia Cup 2022, left-liberals and Islamists have been working overtime to convince everyone that it was Hindus who had started the violence. They have been blaming RSS and other Hindu organisations for the violence, even when videos show Muslims chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ marching on the streets, attacking Hindu temples.

In such an attempt to whitewash the crime of Muslims, the leftist portal The Wire interviewed UK-based author and journalist Amrit Wilson, who claimed that the violence was provoked by RSS. In the interview, Wilson claimed that coachloads of RSS supporters were brought to Leicester from other places in UK to provoke trouble and conflict. She claimed that this was done with the objective of ‘strengthening the narrative that Hindus are victims.’

She claimed that RSS is working towards creating the narrative of Hinduphobia, to label any criticism of PM Narendra Modi as anti-Hindu. The journalist also claimed that RSS has closed links with Zionist organisations, and is following the strategy of Zionists to label any criticism of Israel as antisemitic.

Essentially, Amrit Wilson was trying to claim that the entire violence was planned and executed by Hindutva organisations, and gave a completely clean chit to Muslims who attacked Hindus, their homes and temples. However, this was not surprising, because she is known to be part of anti-India groups in the UK, and therefore, she made completely false statements to blame Hindus for the violence.

As the Stop Hindu Hate Advocacy Network (SHHAN) has pointed out, Amrit Wilson is a founding member of the South Asia Solidarity Group (SASG) based in Britain, a group with openly anti-India bias. Its social media accounts are filled with anti-India, anti-BJP and anti-RSS comments.

SASG has organised a protest against BJP and RSS in front of the Indian High Commission in London today. They said that the protest “for peace & unity has been called in response campaign by the BJP, VHP, HSS & other Hindutva groups active in the UK to promote violent conflict in the South Asian community in Leicester”.

They claimed that “large numbers of masked, hooded men marched thru a largely Muslim area shouting Jai Shri Ram, slogan used by Hindu supremacist mobs linked to Modi’s govt while attacking Muslims in India.”

By now there is enough evidence to prove that Islamists were behind the violence who attacked Hindus, some of which were captured on video. But still this South Asia Solidarity Group is attempting to paint Hindus as the villains in the case. And the group’s founder Amrit Wilson has been given a platform by The Wire to spread anti-Hindu propaganda.

Amrit Wilson is also part of the group that claims that India is the aggressor in Kashmir. She uses the red dot as her Twitter display picture, the image that is by separatists in Kashmir. After article 370 was scrapped by the Modi government, separatists had started to use the red dot as their display pictures on Twitter, and also used the hashtag #RedForKAshmir. Amrit Wilson is using the same red dot on her Twitter account with the word Kashmir written on it, clearly indicating her support for the Pakistan-sponsored separatist movement.

Amrit Wilson describes herself as a Marxist, and all others associated with South Asia Solidarity Group are associated with leftist ideology. Moreover, her South Asia Solidarity Group has collaborated with Islamic groups with terror connections. In 2017, she participated in a conference organised by UK-based Islamic Human Rights Commission, which is linked to Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran. IHRC is a pro-terrorist and anti-Semitic group that supports Jihadi terror organisations like Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Taliban etc.

Some of the claims made by Wilson have already been debunked, like the claim that coachloads of RSS supporters were shifted to Leicester from other cities in UK for the violence. The origin of the claim was visuals of a bus belonging to Angel Tours parked on Ealing Road in Wembley, which was circulated with the claim that the bus was transporting Hindu activists to Leicester. People found that Angel Tours is registered a man named Yatin Bhimani, and its office address mentions a Hindu temple on Ealing Road, and claimed that the company’s buses were used to carry Hindus.

Apart from attending their conferences, Amrit Wilson also regularly writes for IHRC attacking Hindutva and RSS. She had written for the Islamic group that RSS is modelled on Mussolini’s Black Shirts and inspired by the Nazis.

Even before Narendra Modi was elected as PM of India, Amrit Wilson had started a hate campaign against him. She claims that South Asians in the USA were never part of working-class like they were in the UK, and Indian Americans are influenced by ‘virulent anti-black hatred and casteism of Hindutva’.

Therefore, Amrit Wilson and her group with South Asia Solidarity Group has deep links with Islamist organisations that are linked with terror organisations. Therefore, it is no doubt that she and her group want to blame Hindus for the attack on Hindus by Islamists in UK. And continuing with its anti-India agenda, The Wire gives a platform to such Hinduphobes.

But Guardian journalist Aina Khan has debunked the claim with proofs like GPS logs of the bus. She said that the tour company’s address mentions the Hindu temple as a landmark, so that the customers of the company can easily reach it. Aina J. Khan posted GPS tracking log of the bus to show that it travelled to Southampton and the Isle of White on September, the day it was alleged to have gone to Leicester with Hindus. But the bus didn’t go there on that day.

She said that people assumed the bus was carrying Hindus to Leicester for violence just because it was parked outside a Hindu temple on Ealing Road in London. Khan talked Bhimani who informed her he always parks the near the temple to pick up and drop passengers, and on 17th, it was there for around 2 hours due to some fault with the coach. A mechanic who attended the problem also confirmed the same to the Guardian journalist.

A photograph showing Bhimani’s bus with a group of people in front of it holding a BJP flag was also shared to claim that the bus was carrying Hindus for violence. But Aina Khan pointed out that the photograph is old, from last year, when a group of people had booked the bus to go to Glasgow to see PM Narendra Modi addressing the UN Climate Change Conference. In fact, the photo was taken from Bhimani’s Facebook account.  

Yatin Bhimani also appeared for an interview with a YouTuber where he narrated the entire timeline of the coach in question on that day, and said that the particular bus has not visited Leicester for last two months. He explained that he has no relation with the temple, and his buses make a stop outside the temple just because of convenience, as it is a well-known place, and there is enough place to park a bus. He said that as he does not have an office, his four coaches use similar public places to pick up and drop passengers.

Regarding the photograph showing his bus with people carrying BJP flag, Bhimani said that the photo is a year old and it just shows a group of people hiring his bus. He said it is his business to give his coaches on rent, and there is nothing wrong if supporters of PM Modi hire his coach.

Amrit Wilson made the baseless allegations of coachloads of Hindus being transported to Leicester to further her anti-Hindu and anti-Modi narrative, which was carried by the Wire.

Howver, Wilson is not the first Islamist to be used by Wire to blame Hindus for the Leicester violence. Earlier they had used claims of terror sympathiser Majid Freeman to blame Hindus for the attack on Hindus by Islamists in the UK.

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