Bigg Boss 17, November 3, 2023: Salman Khan confronts Mannara Chopra for her ‘molesting’ remarks against Khanzadi

Bigg Boss 17, November 3, 2023: Salman Khan confronts Mannara Chopra for her ‘molesting’ remarks against Khanzadi

Bigg Boss 17, November 3, 2023: Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar episode was held today (Friday) and host Salman Khan graced the stage of the show. From criticizing Isha Malviya-Samarth Jurrell-Abhishek Kumar to schooling Mannara Chopra and Khanzadi, Salman Khan reviewed several contestants in the first episode of Weekend Ka Vaar.{1}

Salman Khan confronts Mannara

The host also showed unseen footage of what happened the night before the Weekend Ka Vaar episode and also asked Mannara Chopra for her statement. Mannara Chopra warns Abhishek Kumar from Khanjadi: In the footage shown by Salman Khan, it is seen how Abhishek Kumar, Khanzadi and Navid Sole are having fun with each other. Then it is seen that Khanzadi playfully tries to take Abhishek Kumar but fails. Mannara Chopra, who was present there, made a comment against Khanzadi and told Abhishek, “Badme mat bolo molest kar rahi thi (Don’t say later that she was molesting you).” After hearing this statement, Khanzadi loses her temper and lashes out at Mannara for giving such a strong statement against her.

However, Mannara laughs it off and ignores Khanzadi. Anurag Doval also slammed Mannara for this statement. Khanzadi then mentioned how Mannara often used such derogatory words. Abhishek Kumar advised Mannara to use her words wisely. An angry Khanzadi leaves the room and goes to Dil’s room and tells everyone about Mannara’s statement. Everyone expressed disappointment over Mannara’s statement. Khanzadi says that when Mannara makes such comments, no one raises any objection. Khanzadi becomes angry while talking to Mannara and criticizes her for using the word ‘molestation’. She calls Mannara to taunt her and tells how Mannara wants to show herself innocent.

On the other hand, Mannara accused Khanzadi of spreading rumors about their link-up. Their dispute continued for a long time and gradually everyone got involved in it. Anurag Doval and Sana Khan advised Mannara to apologize to Khanzadi. However, when everyone suggested the same, Mannara mentioned how hurt she was by Khanzadi and that she would not take back her words. After a long debate, Munawar Faruqui explained to Mannara that using the word ‘molestation’ was extremely wrong and she was insulting Khanzadi’s character. She also explained to Mannara that ‘molestation’ is a non-bailable offense in India and she cannot mention such words. Amidst this debate, many more fights took place between Arun Mashetti-Sunny Arya and Abhishek Kumar, Anurag Doval and Manasvi Mamgai etc.

Salman Khan clashed with Mannara Chopra: Salman Khan mentioned how Mannara Chopra was extremely wrong in giving her statement against Khanzadi. Mannara apologized to Salman for her comment. Salman told how such words cannot be taken lightly but now that Mannara has apologized, the conversation ends here.

Salman Khan confronts Mannara Salman Khan confronts MannaraSalman Khan confronts Mannara

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