Prada Kicks Off Spooky Season With Terrifying Way to Wear False Lashes – Jimmy Star’s World

Maybe the devil does wear Prada.

To debut its spring/summer 2023 collection during Milan Fashion Week, the Italian label decided to tap into spooky season early, as models traipsed down the runway in terrifying fake lashes that completely covered their eyes.

The falsies were not only placed in a downward-facing direction but they were so long, they grazed the models’ cheekbones, creating a dark shadow that only added to the creepy factor. If anything, they looked like haunted dolls or like spitting images of the girl from the 2004 horror flick, The Grudge

While the models’ eyes were most certainly attention-grabbing, the rest of their makeup was natural-looking—not a crazy lip, colorful eyeshadow or heavy contour in sight.

And makeup artist Pat McGrath intended for it to be that way.

“The eyes are draped with garments of custom faux lashes with intentional shape and placement,” she told Vogue on Sept. 22. “Paired with undetectable radiant skin and a nude lip, this look redefines what it means to add a faux lash. Distinct drama—it is the perfect accessory for the collection.”

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