GHMC claims clearances speedier under its bPASS

HYDERABAD: The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has said that it has cleared thousands of applications of builders big and small instantly since under the TS-bPASS since its launch on November 16, 2020, by minister K.T. Rama Rao.

According to the data obtained from the town planning wing, the GHMC received 3,497 applicants to register their building in the corporation records. Of these, 1,029 applications which don’t need any clearances were approved instantly, 2,374 were rejected and 94 were under process.

For building permission approval, the GHMC received 18,190 applications of which it approved 15,293, rejected 249, closed 2,874 and 364 were under process.

Under the single window scheme, it received 4,729 applications, of which 2,654 were approved, notices issued for 877 for missing documents.

The GHMC rejected 705 single window applications, closed 83 and 410 were under process. The GHMC said it had received 4,289 applications for no-objection certificates of which 2,751 were cleared, notices issued to 504 applicants, 844 rejected 844, 34 closed and 156 applications were under process.

For layouts, it received 35 applications of which 16 were approved, five were rejected, one was closed and four were under process.

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