After Nadda’s 95% claim, MPs visit AIIMS Madurai site to check if ‘BJP bulbuls’ have built hospital overnight | Chennai News

MADURAI: Madurai MP Su Venkatesan and Virudhunagar MP Manickam Tagore visited land earmarked for the construction of All India Institute of Medical Sciences at Austinpatti near Madurai on Friday, a day after BJP National president J P Nadda said 95% of work on AIIMS Madurai was complete. They carried placards that read, “Where is the 95% work completed AIIMS Madurai?”
Addressing reporters, Venkatesan said that the AIIMS Madurai was awaiting the cabinet approval after its budget had been revised as Rs 1,900 crore from the initial estimate of Rs 1,200 crore before the pandemic. “The tenders could not be floated due to this reason. I was told this was the reason when I inquired with the Union health ministry recently about AIIMS Madurai. But Nadda has said work on AIIMS was complete and going to be dedicated by the Prime Minister,” the MP said.
“Similarly, the Union civil aviation minister has ruled out any fund allocation for Madurai airport. But Nadda said funds were allocated for Madurai airport,” he added.
“We wanted to see if the bulbuls constructed the hospital overnight because a lot of things happen with bulbuls in the BJP,” the MP said in a lighter vein.
Virudhunagar MP Manickam Tagore said that this was the only AIIMS in the country to be constructed from funds borrowed under JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). “Even if the building is constructed, we should be thankful to Japan for giving a 0% interest rate loan for the hospital. But the BJP is lying outright that the funds are sanctioned by the central government and Nadda stating that the 95 % works are complete,” he said.
Commenting on BJP president K Annamalai’s statement that the state government could come forward with funds to expedite AIIMS, Venkatesan said all the AIIMS were established by the central government. “The state government contributes land required for the building. The Tamil Nadu government has allocated the land. The state government role ends there. Annamalai is needlessly dragging state government funding into this project,” he stated.
“It will be good if Annamalai can also show the government order sanctioning Rs 500 crore for Madurai airport,” he added.

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