Abhishek Malhan reveals whether he will enter Bigg Boss 17 as a wildcard; trace

Abhishek Malhan reveals whether he will enter Bigg Boss 17 as a wildcard; trace

Abhishek Malhan, who tasted fame after his successful stint in Bigg Boss OTT 2, recently appeared on The Long Drive with Mr. Faisu. Both influential people had fun. They were seen discussing Abhishek’s upcoming projects, plans etc.{1}

Bigg Boss 17 Abhishek Malhan

Abhishek Malhan clarifies his position regarding his participation in Bigg Boss 17
The episode of Long Drive with Mr. Faisu started with the host giving a nice introduction to his guest Abhishek Malhan. Both Faisu and Abhishek kept their phones aside to have a light-hearted conversation on various aspects like their decision of choosing Fukra Insaan as their stage name, the inspiration they want to give to the youth, etc.

After this Abhishek Malhan talked about his upcoming music and how it will be a gift for his fans. He also revealed that it is quite grand and is something the audience has never seen before.

Apart from this, Abhishek talked about his Bigg Boss OTT 2 journey and said that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. He also revealed that it is in the hands of the producers to portray a contestant in a positive or negative manner. The social media star told how life starts after the curtains of Bigg Boss go away. He cited influencers Mr. Beast and KSI as his sources of inspiration.

In a segment titled Rumor Ghoomar, Abhishek Malhan clarified some of the speculations surrounding him. The first rumor that the internet personality addressed was whether he charged Rs 25,00,000 for the first story and reel after coming out of the Bigg Boss house. On this, Abhishek jokingly said that he has charged even more money than this. After this, she raised speculations about her entry into Bigg Boss 17 as a wildcard. Fukra Insan admitted that he had received an offer from the makers. However, he believes that the game should be played from day one. One who enters later arrives with a perspective already built. So, if he ever enters the show, it will be from the premiere night itself.

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