A Well-Made Political Thriller With A Taut Screenplay

Even if the plot keeps us gripped, a few important scenes in the film are staged too conveniently, without any logical explanations. For instance, after Kumaran and Muthaiah get separated due to an unforeseen issue, we travel with Kumaran who somehow ends up in Rameshwaram. A few scenes later, when Kumaran fights a gang, Muthaiah appears out of nowhere.

Danabal, played by Joju George, is a character feared by everyone, and the entire plot revolves around arresting him. The film keeps reminding us about how powerful he is, yet, in a wasted opportunity, we hardly get to witness his swagger.

But the writing is tight for the most part, and the subplots add to the storyline. This plays out brilliantly especially in the climax when the film cuts to an isolated island with all different groups planning their attacks. There is our protagonist, an honest police officer, a loyal servant, and a good gangster – Buffoon is not tempted to take the predictable route and does justice to its story with a convincing climax.

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